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PIN BlackBerry: 217A5D6F 217A5D6F PIN BlackBerry: 28070E20 28070E20
WhatsApp: 0811932468 0811932468
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E-Center Supermall Karawaci FF Blok G3A No.1,2, 5 & 6, Jl. Diponegoro No. 1, Curug
Tangerang 15811, Banten

Cabang Baru : Ruko Paramount Dotcom Blok C No. 25, Gading Serpong
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iView NV-W96,  IR Waterproof CCTV - 420 TVL
- Built in 3.6mm lens
- 1/ 3 " SuperHAD CCD Sony
- Resolution: 532H x 582V pixels ( 420TVL)
- 24pcs IR leds, IR range up to 20m
- IR on: 0 Lux

1 Year Warranty
iView NV-C83M,  PIR Sensor and CCTV - 650 TVL
- Built in pin hole
- 3.7 mm lens
- Min. 0, 01 Lux
- 1/ 3 " CCD Nextchip Korea
- Resolution: 752H x 582V pixels ( 650TVL)
- OSD, DWDR, DNR, PM, MD in OSD function

1 Year....
Rosslare BT-05,  Battery for HomeLogiX
- Sealed lead acid battery for HomeLigiX
- 12V-800 mAh

1 Year Warranty
Rosslare XO-04,  4 PGM Expansion
- 4x5A Form-C relay programmable outputs expansion unit
- Housing included
- Optional PCB installation inside P-6 housing
- MatrixBUSTM compatible with AuraSys P-6 panel

Rosslare MD-64,  Voice Module Expansion for AuraSys P-6
- Connects directly to AuraSys P-6 panels
- Enables voice interactive menus to private telephone and local voice announcements to KC-16 + MD-66 keypads

1 Year Warranty
Rosslare MD-63,  Memory Key for AuraSys Panels
- Connects directly to the AuraSys P-6 panels
- Stores and allows uploading and downloading of up to 4 different system configurations

1 Year Warranty
Rosslare SA-91,  Advance Wired Piezo Siren and Strobe
- IP54
- 105 db/ 100cm
- Powered by extra ultra bright blue LED array
- DIP switch programmable options
- Siren time, fire/ burglar alarm tone select
- Separate input for....
Rosslare SA-81 Siren and Strobe
- External siren and strobe announciator
- Two alarm sounds type for burglar and fire per different inputs
- 105 db
- Rechargeable lead battery provides continued operation in....
Rosslare XI-08 Zone Expansion
- 8x4 state/ dual EOL zone inputs expansion unit
- Housing included
- Optional PCB installation inside P-6 housing
- Matrix BUSTM compatible with AuraSys P-6 panel

1 Year....
Rosslare MD-66,  Voice Module
- For KC-16
- Enable voice announcements for KC-16 keypads
- Works with MD-64

1 Year Warranty
Rosslare MD-62,  Serial Communication Adapter
- For AuraSys and HomeLogiX Alarm Panels
- RS232 DB9 interface for PC
- Necessary for connecting a local running PC AR-P01/ 2 to the AuraSys P-6, L-2, L-4, L-6 control panels....
Rosslare PYR-1021,  Advanced Compact Sheprical Lens PIR Detector
- Detection range of 14m ( 40ft) , 115 degrees
- Unique sheprical fresnel lens with creep zone and optional snap-in curtain mask
- Digital motion, analysis with real time A-D....
LifeSOS XRM-01,  Relay Module for Control External Devices
- Relay outputs rating : 10A/ 24DC, 10A/ 120AC, 5A/ 250AC
- Simulate the X-10 power line interface controller protocol

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS GSM-30,  GSM Module Dual Band for LifeSOS Alarm System
- 900/ 1800 Frequency
- Support AT-Command interface
- Two way audio
- Contact ID
- SMS generate ( SMS contains alarm type, zone number, date and time, GSM number)

1 Year....
LifeSOS BF-210,  LifeSOS New Ethernet Adapter
- TCP/ IP interface for data communications

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS BF-450,  LifeSOS Ethernet Adapter
- TCP/ IP interface for data communication

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS DM-30,  LifeSOS Data Communication with PSTN
- PSTN Interface
- Dialup modem
- Data communication for LS-30 wireless alarm panel

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS LS-USB,  USB Adapter for LifeSOS Alarm System
- Support Windows, Linux, Mac-OS
- Connect to COM1 of LifeSOS Wireless Alarm Panel

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS WS-30A,  Wireless Outdoor Sirene
- Built in transmitter & receiver
- IP54
- 90x223x190mm
- Sirene output 115 db
- Tamper protection
- High pitch noise & flash light
- Backup battery 6V/ 1200mAh
- Sends....
LifeSOS WS-20S,  Wireless Outdoor Sirene with Light
LifeSOS Outdoor Wireless Siren With Light

With the wireless and rain proof features, the WS-20S can be put any where even outside of your house.
If any Burglar alarm triggers, ....
LifeSOS LD-87R,  Wired Sirene with Light
LifeSOS Wired Sirene with Light
Common Wired Sirene with Light Indication

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS WS-1S,  Wireless Indoor Sirene
- 12C-15V - 25-120mA
- Sirene output 108+ / - db
- High pitch noise
- Backup battery time about 30 hours @ standby

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS RP-2HS,  Wireless Repeater
- 10 devices repeater can be used for one panel
- Usage 12V-25mA
- Range up to 100m in open coverage area

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS PT-3S,  Waterproof Wireless Medical/ Panic Button
- Medical help, inactivity
- Battery low indicator signal
- 50cm deep water resistance
- 2.5 years estimated battery life

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS MX-3L,  Wireless Mini Light Detector
- 1 year estimated battery life
- 1 pcs CR-2032 Litium Battery
- RF signals: too dark/ bright, battery low, heartbeat, power on reset

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS TH-3,  Wireless Temperature with Humidity Sensor
- 1.2 years estimated battery life
- 1 pcs CR-2 Lithium Battery
- Working temperature: -20 - 85 Celcius degrees

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS TP-3,  Wireless Temperature Sensor
- 1.2 years estimated battery life
- 1pcs CR-2 Lithium Battery
- Working temperature: - 40 - 80 Celcius degrees

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS TX-3DS-CP,  Wireless Call Point
- 4 years estimated battery life
- 2pcs AAA Alkaline batteries
- Sends heartbeat signal at 60 minutes interval

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS CO-M330,  Wireless Carbon Mono-Oxide Detector
- UL2034 & EN50291 complies
- 70 ppm ( 60-240mnt - USA standard)
- 50 ppm ( 60-90mnt - Europe standard)

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS GA-2S,  Wireless Gass Leakage Sensor
- LNG ( Liquified Natural Gas) & LPG ( Liquified Petroleum Gas) Detection
- 8.000 ppm for LNG, 3.300 ppm for LPG
- Max 2W

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS SM-3SH,  Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
LifeSOS Supervised Wireless Smoke& Heat Detector

SM-3SH smoke & heat detector is designed to sense smoke that comes into the detector chamber,
also the ambient temperature....
LifeSOS PIR-OD1,  Outdoor PIR Sensor Dual Element ( White)
- PET Immunity up to 20 kgs, 60 cm high
- RFI immunity max 40V/ m
- Detectable speed 0.3-3m/ sec
- 2-3 years estimated battery life
- 185x88x57mm

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS PIR-3SP,  Wireless PIR Motion Sensor,  PET Immune
LifeSOS Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector
- Sends heartbeat signal at 60-minute interval.
- When Tamper or Low Battery condition is detected, it reports automatically.
LifeSOS TX-3AS,  Wireless Analog with Temperature Sensor
- 4 years estimated battery life
- 2 pcs AAA Alkaline batteries
- Operation temperature : -40 - 85 Celcius degrees

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS TX-3DS-VB,  Wireless Vibration Sensor
- It sends an alarm signal to LS-30 Base Unit when the detector is triggered by vibration or shock
- AAA alkaline batteries x 2
- 3~ 4 years
- Built-in tamper switch for....
LifeSOS TX-3FS,  Wireless Flood Detector
LifeSOS Wireless Flood Detector
- It sends an alarm signal to the Base Unit when the sensing probes of the detector are immersed in the water.
- Two AAA alkaline batteries.
LifeSOS GB-A30,  Accoustic Glass Break Detector
1. Pattern Recognition Technology
2. RF Signal Transmitter.
Microphone : Omni-directional electret
Detection Range : 6 m ( 20 ft) for plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass....
LifeSOS TX-3GS,  Wireless Glass Break Detector
- Two AAA alkaline batteries.
- Estimated Battery Life: 5 years
- 20 x 29 x 123.5 mm
- Weight ( w/ o battery) : about 34g

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS TX-3DS,  Wireless Door Sensor
- RF Signal: Open, Close, Tamper, Battery Low, Supervisary, Test, Heart Beat
- Sends heartbeat signal at 60-minute interval. When Tamper or Low Battery condition is detected, it....
LifeSOS MX-3D Wireless Window Sensor
- RF Signals: Trigger or Open/ Close, Battery Low, Heart Beat, Power on Reset
- 1.5 years estimated battery life
- CR2032 Button Cell

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS KP-3S Wireless X-Keypad
- 2 Way Communication
- Touch Sensing
- 10 sets, 4 digit passwords
- Battery: 2 pcs AAA Alkaline
- 2 Years estimated battery life

1 Year Warranty
LifeSOS RC-3 - Wireless Alarm Remote Control
LifeSOS Hopping Code Remote Controller
- 4-button Remote Controller ( Disarm, Away, Home, Panic Button)
- 7.3 X ( 10^ 19) combinations of Hopping Code Generator
- CR2032....
LifeSOS LS-10 Wireless Home Alarm System
- Work in 426, 915 & 868 MHz with Narrow-Band FM/ OOK Modulation
- RF Security Code for each type of sensors
- 288 sensor zones, 512 event logs
- Internal beeper for alarm
D1604HE iVision H.264 DVR,  16Ch Video & 4 Ch Audio ( DualCore Processor)
iVision H.264 DVR, 16Ch Video & 4 Ch Audio ( DualCore Processor)
· 4 Output ( HDMI, VGA, AV, SPOT) , 2x SATA HDD ( Up to 8TB)
· PTZ Control, USB Mouse & IR Remote Control ( ....
iVision D1604HLE,  16 Ch Premium Effio 960H DVR ( Dual Core)
16 Channel Effio 960H 1.5U Standalone DVR
Up to 16 cameras with full HD 1080P display
H.264 dual-stream video compression
Full channel Effio 960H ( 976x582) realtime recording
HL-626 Wired Sirene,  Waterproof
Wired Sirene, Waterproof
Sound Level 115dB

CALL : 021-54200256
HL-904 Outdoor Wired Alarm Sirene & Flash
HL-904, Outdoor Wired Alarm Sirene & Flash, Waterproof
20 Led Red, Positive/ Negative Sirene Trigger, 2 way tamper protection
Positive/ Negative Flash Trigger, 5 tone alarm....
Wired Motor Sirene,  Waterproof HL-190
Wired Motor Sirene, Waterproof

Call : 021-54200256
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